Opening Remarks – Meta Visit to Darunnajah University


Opening Remarks – Meta Visit to Darunnajah University

Ben Joe: Vice President Southeast Asia and Emerging Markets for Meta

Good afternoon:

  • Presidents of Darunnajah University:
    • K.H. Sofwan Manaf (Pak Kyai Sofwan)
    • H. Hadiyanto Arie (Pak Kyai Hadiyanto)
  • Rector of Darunnajah University, Bapak Muchammad Hasan Darojat (Rector Hasan) My name is Ben Joe and I am Vice President Southeast Asia and Emerging Markets for Meta.

It is an honor and pleasure for us in Meta to be able to meet, discuss, and share experiences with you all on this beautiful Tuesday. On behalf of Meta, I would like to say thank you to Rector Hasan and all committees of Pesantren and University for your warm welcome to our visit.

Pak Kyai Sofwan, Pak Kyai Hadiyanto, Rector Hasan and beloved students,

In Indonesia, Meta is mission-driven and focused on enabling Indonesians to build for the future and progress in their lives. When our first technology, Facebook, was born, our mission remained the same: we work to connect people around the world to be able to share and find inspiration and bring impact to all.

Therefore, we value Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion (DE&I), the pillar that sets the ground of what we do in Meta to embrace everyone that comes from different backgrounds and cultures. Diversity, equality and inclusion is also reflected in how we interact with our cross functional colleagues at the company, and also how we build partnership and collaboration with the communities.

Through this pillar, we welcome everybody to join Meta family. What we are seeking is the best talents who can deliver the best outcome and make sure they create impact, and we provide the same opportunities for all to grow their career, regardless of their cultures. In Asia Pacific, particularly in Southeast Asia and Emerging Markets, we have seen our Moslem friends, men and women successfully grow their career and become leaders in the regional level.

Here in Meta we learn to understand those diversity by opening doors of dialogues and discussion on how it should be transformed into our resource to help people get meaningful interaction to wider communities around the globe. Our Moslem friends at Meta initiate Moslem@META, an internal community with the goal to open those dialogues with more people internally and externally. I myself really enjoyed the interaction we had during each of Moslem@’s activities during Ramadhan, Ied Adha and the other Moslem’s big events.

One of the activities from Moslem@ is to reach out moslem communities in many part of the world. Of course that’ll include some communities in Indonesia as the biggest Moslem country, and now we’re visiting Darunnajah. Shortly, you will hear from us various opportunities from the future technology that will redefine the way we interact with each other. I would like to briefly talk about the metaverse.

I believe we all heard about the metaverse, an evolution of technology that will change how we communicate in the way that we have never seen before. Metaverse is not here yet, and it will take 5-10 years for it to come to life: a time when all of you, students of Darunnajah, will be the main actors. What does it mean? When the metaverse is here, your generation, my children’s generation, not mine, will have power and all capabilities to get all the benefits that metaverse can offer. In the future metaverse, you will be able to play, exercise, study, and work with other people together although you are physically not in the same space.

Everybody, including any of you, students of Pesantren and Darunnajah University, can be part of the future metaverse and get the full benefit of it. For students of Darunnajah University majoring in IT and Software Engineering, you are probably equipped with the technical skills on how to develop a system that maybe in the future can be relevant to the metaverse. It means, you need to think of what you experiment today might be useful and become a multibillion dollars-worth invention if you can relate it to the metaverse.

For those who are coming from non-engineering background and still in High School, don’t feel you are left behind because we never know what metaverse can offer in the future! Here in Meta, we believe in the power of the creator economy, which means the community of creators that can bring economic impact to themselves and to other communities. Content creators who share inspiring stories and Spark AR creators who create Augmented Reality or AR effects are two examples to best describe the role of creators in the future technology.

Above all, metaverse is inclusive and there are many opportunities for all of us to be part of and get the full advantage from it

Pak Kyai Sofwan, Pak Kyai Hadiyanto, Rector Hasan and beloved students,

Today, we will share with you about the metaverse and the opportunities you can explore, including how you can create inspiring and engaging content through Reels on Facebook and Instagram. Last but not least, we also would like you to learn and play at the same time about how you can get the full control of privacy and security on social media through a fun and interesting quiz.

To grasp everything in just 45 minutes is not enough but we do hope you can get something from what we are going to share with you today and may inspire you to be the future generation that accelerates digital transformation in Indonesia.

Thank you.

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